June 14, 2007

Fat Luck

Obesity has been a factor in at least 20 child protection cases in the last year, where the parents could find themselves having their children taken away into the 'care' of the state where far worse happens, such as when "as many as 40 care workers abused children at an Ayrshire school for vulnerable youngsters".

It is not like they are having chips rammed down their throats like some goose being fattened up for the slaughter, being fat is a choice. Maybe there will be difficulties in later life and they don't understand the consequences. Maybe they don't even understand that there are consequences to actions (because the state has done so much to make sure to try and claim that nobody faces the consequences of any action at any other time).

There is also the small fact that the state has been systemicatically making it harder and harder to provide any interesting activities that children would want to do to burn off this extra energy. Competitive games are frounded on as all must have prizes. Outdoor activities sacrificed to the god of 'health and safety', that is if you can even get anybody to run them with all the difficulties that the state has put in the way of voluntary organisations.

This isn't abuse, it is simply the consequence of the state trying to create a world without risk.


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